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The Local Bail Bondsman – Albert Lea (612) 405-2245

 Getting arrested can be a terrifying experience and it’s even worse for those who can’t pay some of the court imposed cash bail amounts. This is where a bondsman comes in if the defendant has a non cash bond option. In Albert Lea and other parts of Minnesota, most bails are set within 48 hours. The Local Bail Bondsman is there for you and your family. Our Local Bondsman operates around the clock so you can get in touch with us at any time of the day or night without any hesitation. The bail amount set by the court is dependent on your criminal record, employment history and other factors. 

Every bond company in the state of Minnesota is required to charge 10% of the principle bond amount. We are one of the few bond companies that offer payment plans on most bail bonds for our clients with lowest money down, when applicable and allowed by law. We are here for our clients, bonds and lawyer fees can be financially burdening. 

We understand this, we will always do our best to help all new and existing clients with the best options available for you and your loved one. If you’re looking for bail bonds services in Albert Lea, Minnesota, give The Local Bail Bondsman a call at (612) 405-2245.